Discover how air source heat pumps can provide a sustainable and efficient way to heat your home or business. Read on to find out more.


Are you looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to heat your home or business? An Air Source Heat Pump could be an ideal solution.

We’ll dive into the benefits of air source heat pumps and explore how they work to keep your space comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs. So, let’s get started!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps work by pulling in air from outside and using it to heat a special refrigerant liquid. As it warms up, the liquid turns into a gas, which is compressed to increase its temperature. This gas works to heat your property. 

Once the gas cools, it becomes liquid again, allowing it to be re-used at the start of the next heating cycle. The whole process uses only a small amount of electricity, making it a fantastic renewable option.


We are proud to install Ecodan Mitsubishi heat pumps. These powerhouses are the ideal option for residential homes and small commercial spaces (get in touch with us to discuss low-carbon heating systems for larger commercial spaces). 

A compact outdoor unit, discreetly installed just outside your home, uses the warmth in the air to provide the juice for radiators, underfloor heating, and even hot water on demand. Most installations will also include a hot water cylinder to provide that continuous hot water, but depending on the type of water cylinder you have, integration between the two systems can sometimes take place.

Lastly, the controls for your  Mitsubsuhsi ASHP are right at the tips of your fingers, with a range of options available. Download the MELCloud app to your phone or the smart device of your choice to control your system remotely, as well as check in on how it’s performing. For making changes in the home, there is also the advanced wireless controller, an easy-to-use controller that allows you to control the temperature and easily set up things like holiday mode and more.


Here at Smartly, we know our way around renewable energy. We are passionate about helping people power and heat their homes sustainably. Call us today, and we will start you on your air source heat pump installation journey. 

We treat each enquiry as a unique project; you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, our team will thoroughly research the best solution for your home, taking into account available space and your energy usage. We’ll also give you an idea of the heat pump running costs so you can make an informed decision about the best option for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Source Pumps?

Where do we even start? There are a wide variety of benefits to investing in an air source heat pump for your property. Some of our favourite key benefits include:

They are cheaper to install than other types of heat pumps (for example, ground source heat pumps)

They have lower running costs than other types of pumps

They can work in temperatures as low as -15°C

It does not need to be warm outside for a heat pump to use the air to power central heating, hot water tanks and underfloor heating. Even in freezing temperatures, an air source heat pump will get the job done. 

Find out more about the conditions ASHP’s will work in on our blog.

They are usually very discreet

The external heat pump unit is compact & doesn’t take up too much space on your property. Externally and internally ASHP’s take up little space adn do not generally require extensive ductwork or piping.

They help you to reduce your carbon footprint

This is our favourite reason of all. Air source heat pumps are the ideal way to lower your carbon footprint. Pumps powered by traditional sources of electricity use significantly less power than is required to heat a home either by electricity, gas or oil.

You can make even less of an impact by powering the pump via solar (something we would be more than happy to help you with).

Are There Government Grants For Heat Pumps?

Yes, there are a range of government grants available to help you afford heat pumps for your property. Replacing gas boilers across the UK with clean energy alternatives is a part of the UK Government’s plans to help reach Net Zero for 2050, and as such, a range of grants and loans exist to help with the cost of a heat pump and its installation.

England and Wales

The ‘Boiler Upgrade Scheme’ can help you to afford a new air source heat pump for your property. The scheme provides homeowners with £5,000 to help them with the initial cost of upgrading from a gas or fossil fuel boiler to a low-carbon alternative.


In Scotland you can apply for a £7,500 grant from Home Energy Scotland. You can also get a £1,500 top-up if you live in a rural area.

Explore Renewable Energy With Smartly

At Smartly we provide a wide array of renewable energy options. From Roofit standing seam roofs to Batteries that store excess solar power. Air Source Heat pumps are just one element of a renewable, Smartly Home. Our experts can help you find your property’s most effective and clean energy solution.

To find out more about the energy solutions we offer, talk to one of our advisors today. You can use the live chat function at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us, or you can fill out our contact form with your specifications.