UK Smart Charge Points: 2022 Changes To Legislation You Need To Know About

The UK will see new legislation to regulate how all new private EV charge points are sold and installed. These changes are being implemented after the recent surge toward private ownership of electric vehicles over the past few years. 

The Paris Agreement has affirmed these changes in private ownership at COP 21 in 2015, where world powers agreed to cut carbon emissions. This legally binding international treaty came into force in 2016, and since then, the UK government has vowed to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Why Do We Need This New Legislation?

The Paris Agreement, and the recent COP 26 held in Glasgow, Scotland, have made climate change very present in the public consciousness.

The push toward electric vehicles has caused concerns about how the national electricity grid will cope with the new demand. The UK government’s legislation is designed to regulate how EV charging will work at home and at workplaces across the nation.

The overall aim is to introduce a system that provides a smarter, more flexible range of energy systems to support the rapid increase in electricity demand across the country.

What Regulations Are In This New Legislation?

Two main requirements are noteworthy for electric car owners under the new legislation.

First, off-peak charging is the new norm for default charging hours. By doing this, the idea is to offset the likelihood that everyone will charge during peak electrical usage hours in the UK.

By implementing this change, the hope is that the demand on the national grid will be far more easily balanced. 

Randomised delays are also a default feature to be implemented to ensure that charging requests are staggered. By staggering charging requests, it prevents all charging points from being accessed at once. The delay can be as much as 10 minutes, so it’s recommended to keep a close eye on your car’s charging, especially during the initial stages of plugging in.

What Is Smartly Doing To Accommodate For This?

Regarding the new legislation due to be rolled out from 30th June 2022, we have ensured that a wide range of our products is suitable for the new legislative regulations. 

We want to ensure that our customers have the appropriate technology to accommodate the new legislation and how it will impact day-to-day life.

You can browse our impressive selection of chargers and accessories to prepare yourself for the new regulations.

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