A Guide To Solar Panel Mounting Options

If you’re interested in investing in solar panels, you may be wondering about the solar panel mounting options available to you. 

In the past, people would have to go with a drilled-in metal rack to hold up their panels, but now there are many options available for different needs, roof shapes and even aesthetics!

Explore the different types of solar panel mounting options with Smartly today.

Roof-Penetrating Rack Solar Panel Mounting

The most common type of solar panel mounting you’ll find is roof-penetrating rack solar panel mounting. These racks are drilled into the roof with attachments on their surface for the solar panels to be mounted.

There are lots of different types of solar panel racks available. Some try to minimise the amount of drilling on your roof, and others focus mostly on the aesthetic value – trying to mask as much of the rack as possible. 

Non-Drilling Solar Panel Mounting 

If you’re worried about drilling into your roof to install solar panel racks, there are some non-drilling options too. Roofs made from tiles or metal may not be suitable for drilling due to the risk of leaks, which means you need to think of alternative installation methods. Some of these include flat racks and weighted solar mounting.

Integrated Solar Panels 

Due to their inoffensive look, integrated solar panels are a top choice for homeowners. These solar panels’ replace’ a part of your roof, meaning there is no seen panelling beneath them. They also require very little maintenance, as there is no area beneath the panels to clean. 

Ground-Level Solar Panel Arrays 

If you don’t want to have your solar panels on your roof, or if you’re starting a solar farm, it might be best to go with ground-level solar panel arrays as your mounts. These are installed at a surface level and have lots of flexibility in their position. 

A dynamic mounting system can help you adjust the panel’s angle to maximise its exposure to sunlight, generating more energy. Electrified panels in solar farms can do this, with options to control them from afar.  

Racks can also be used as a stationary option, offering a secure base for the panels to rest on. 

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