Are Solar Panels On New Builds A Must?

Solar panels could be an asset to a new build for many reasons. As the world works toward a more sustainable future, embracing sustainable energy production with your new home or business is an important asset. 

Solar panels can also offer long-term financial benefits, as they help you to remove yourself from the grid and focus on independent energy production.

 In this article, we’ll dive into why solar panels could be an asset for your building and answer the question, ‘are solar panels on new builds a must?’.

The Financial Benefits of Solar Panels For New Builds 

There are numerous ways that solar panels can benefit your new build financially. Although they will come with an initial cost for installation, solar panels are known for having a fantastic return on investment rate. Some of the financial benefits of solar panels include:

  • Save money on energy bills – As grid energy bills continue to rise, having an independent energy option helps you to stay in control of your energy prices. Whether you choose to use a mix of grid and solar energy or rely entirely on solar power, solar panels can cut your energy costs significantly over time. 
  • Increase property value – If you’re a builder, contractor or house-flipper, you can consider increasing your new build’s property value. Solar panels are a fantastic way to give your build better sales appeal and a higher market property value. 
  • Sell energy back to the grid – Depending on where you’re based, you may be able to sell excess energy that you generate with your solar panels back to the grid. This offers a nice opportunity for another stream of income. 

Overall, once you get over the initial investment of buying panels and having them installed – you can reap numerous financial benefits. Solar panels also tend to have a long lifespan, meaning you create a long-term financial return when you purchase panels for your build.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels For New Builds 

As well as being a great financial investment, solar panels are also an investment in a sustainable future. The environmental benefits of solar panels are numerous, with some of the most pressing being:

  • Energy Independence – Having your own stream of energy won’t just benefit you financially; it’s also a fantastic way to create a sustainable future for yourself and your build. Energy independence means getting completely off the grid and creating your own reliable stream of renewable energy. With solar panels, this can be achieved.
  • Carbon Neutrality – One of the biggest future goals for homes and businesses alike is reaching carbon neutrality. Solar panels are a fantastic step in the right direction, offering a way to substantially reduce your carbon footprint. 

When you purchase solar panels for your new build, you are thinking forward to a more sustainable, efficient, clean future of energy production.

The Aesthetic Options Of Solar Panels For New Builds 

If one thing often puts people off investing in solar panels for new builds, it’s worrying about the aesthetics of panels – particularly in neighbourhoods where other houses may not feature them. 

However, solar technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are now numerous aesthetic options to help disguise or modify your solar panel installation options

For example, solar tiles can be installed to mimic the look of normal roof tiling, or integrated solar panels can be built into your roof (rather than being attached by metal racks on top). 

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