Solar Panel Protection From Birds

Are you tired of birds causing damage to your solar panels? If so, you’re not alone. Many solar panel owners face the challenge of protecting their investment from bird-related issues, such as droppings, nests, and physical damage. Fortunately, there are effective solutions available to keep these feathered creatures at bay and ensure the optimal performance […]

 Can I Put Solar Panels In My Garden?

solar panels in a garden

Are you considering putting solar panels in your garden? It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint without having to place solar panels on your roof.  In this article, we will explore whether or not your garden is suitable for installing solar panels, the benefits of solar power, and the challenges you may face. […]

The Tesla Powerwall: How Do The Alternatives Measure Up?

Tesla in red lights

In an era where sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount, home energy storage solutions have emerged as game-changers. Among the pioneering products in this domain, the Tesla Powerwall has gained significant attention. But is it the best choice for your needs, or are there viable alternatives? In this article, we’ll explore the Powerwall and compare […]

HIES Consumer Code | Smartly Energy

The HIES Consumer Code HIES functions as a consumer protection company that focuses on the implementation of renewable energy systems and products aimed at enhancing home energy efficiency. Through prioritising consumer well-being, safeguarding their interests, and imparting knowledge, their objective is to bring about a comprehensive shift in consumer protection standards within the realm of […]

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work In Winter?

Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work In Winter? Are you considering using an air-source heat pump to keep your home warm? If so, you might wonder how these energy-efficient systems work and if they suit the colder UK climate. In this article, we’ll deep-dive into everything you need to know about heat pump functionality, efficiency […]

Are there Government Grants For Car Charging Points For Businesses?

Are there Government Grants For Car Charging Points For Businesses? If you run a business, charity or public sector organisation in the UK, you may be wondering if there are any government grants available to help you reduce the cost of electric car charging points for your businesses. Government grants can be a fantastic option […]

Can I Install Solar Panels On Listed Buildings?

‘Can I install solar panels on listed buildings?’ is a common question asked by those looking to take the next step toward renewable energy production. Installing solar panels on a listed building can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills. However, because listed buildings are often considered historically […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Save?

Solar panels can effectively save money and make money, but how do you get the most from your new solar panels?  Whether you’re trying to optimise your existing panels or planning to invest in a brand-new solar system – we’ve got everything you need to know about getting the most from your panels.  Let’s answer […]

Are Solar Panel Finance Options Available?

In pursuing sustainable energy solutions, solar panels have gained considerable popularity among homeowners aiming to harness the sun’s power while minimising their environmental impact.  However, the initial investment required for installing solar panels can present a significant obstacle for many individuals wanting to use this technology. To bridge this financial gap and ensure widespread access […]