Are there Government Grants For Car Charging Points For Businesses?

Are there Government Grants For Car Charging Points For Businesses? If you run a business, charity or public sector organisation in the UK, you may be wondering if there are any government grants available to help you reduce the cost of electric car charging points for your businesses. Government grants can be a fantastic option […]

Renting Your EV Charger: Peer To Peer Charging

As more people switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the EV charging infrastructure changes and adapts to meet consumer needs.  However, not everyone has easy access to a charging station at their home or workplace – many people, especially new EV owners, still rely on public chargers, which can be expensive and difficult to access on […]

Do Public EV Chargers Have Cables?

With so many different types of cables and chargers out there, it can be difficult to figure out what extras you need to use your EV to its full potential.  In this article, we’ll help you figure out what type of cables you need for your EV. We’ll advise you on which public chargers have […]

Can Other EVs Use Tesla Charging Points?

Tesla is a giant in the clean energy sector. Their innovative technology has made them one of the most popular EV providers in the world, and their growing network of charging points makes them an even more convenient option for drivers.  With a network of over 30,000 Tesla Superchargers, you may be wondering if you […]

EV Charging Point Installation Cost

If you’ve recently purchased an EV or are thinking about it, you’ll probably be wondering how you can charge your new electric vehicle at home. Or, maybe you’re thinking of installing charging points at your place of work to encourage employees to switch to electric and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.  Installing an EV charging […]

Do Electric Cars Come With Charging Cables?

It’s becoming increasingly common for car manufacturers to include at least one type of charging cable with their vehicles, but is it the right cable for getting the most out of your EV?  We’re here to advise you on the different types of charging cables and which ones you should be using to optimise your […]

EV Charging Guide

Electric Vehicles are taking over the motor industry. At Smartly, we couldn’t be happier, and we’re leading from the front by providing the best online source to learn about EV charging and committed to providing only the best charging products for customers in the UK. Quick Summary What are Electric Vehicles?  Electric Vehicles (EV), sometimes […]

The Ultimate EV Charging Cable and Connector Guide

There are many options when it comes to Electric Vehicle Charging Cables. It can be daunting when trying to decide which cable to choose. We’ve broken down the different options to help you decide. If you need any help or have any questions, please get in touch! Quick Summary Do I need a Separate EV […]