Does Solar Add Value To Your Property?

Solar power is available for almost every domestic and commercial property to some degree which makes it a valid option for a lot of people across the nation. But does solar add value to your property? The short answer is yes, but it depends on your setup.

Before we delve into the details, we first need to understand the following;

The Types of Solar Energy Generation

Solar power will help you generate DC electricity that can be converted into AC electricity for use in domestic and commercial settings. Solar technology primarily makes use of photovoltaic cells in the solar panel or solar tile to turn light into electrical energy.

Larger solar power generation techniques involve concentrated solar power generation techniques, but this isn’t a valid option for domestic settings.

For domestic properties, you’ll be able to invest in photovoltaic methods of generating electricity via:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar tiles

The type of solar technology you choose will impact your property value.

What Solar Power Generation Type Should I Choose?

Both types will improve your overall property value and can be a very attractive selling point to prospective buyers. However, solar tiles are often preferred as they don’t impact the aesthetics as much as solar panels do.

Solar panels are mounted onto your roof via racks that are bolted on top of the roof tiles. While many homeowners don’t mind how these look, they can disrupt a home’s external aesthetic.

Solar tiles are a brilliant alternative that can usually generate more power and look better. These are, understandably, more expensive than traditional solar panels.

What Are The Features Of Solar Tiles?

Solar tiles have photovoltaic cells built into the tile itself. This means that they act as both a roof tile and a solar power generator. 

This makes them a very versatile option for those wanting solar power while maintaining a stereotypical house roof aesthetic. 

However, installing solar tiles means that you’ll need your old tiles removed and a new roof laid using the solar tile equivalents. 

Solar tiles also tend to offer more surface area to capture sunlight, as they can be positioned in such a way to minimise shading.

What Are The Features Of Solar Panels?

Solar panels operate much in the same way solar tiles operate. The average solar panel setup consists of 16 panels across a space of around 25-26 metres squared of roof area.

Shading can be a problem with solar panel setups. As solar tiles offer more surface area, they can combat shading effects much more effectively than solar panels.

A benefit of solar panels over solar tiles is that they can be removed and taken with you to your new home.

What Is The Best Option For Solar Power Generation?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to solar power. Every property is different, and you should always make a decision based on your individual needs with aid from a solar power expert.

No matter what option you choose, solar tech will increase property value and can be a unique selling point if you are thinking of moving up the property ladder.

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