EV Charging Point Installation Cost

If you’ve recently purchased an EV or are thinking about it, you’ll probably be wondering how you can charge your new electric vehicle at home. Or, maybe you’re thinking of installing charging points at your place of work to encourage employees to switch to electric and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

Installing an EV charging point doesn’t have to be overly expensive or time-consuming. Here at Smartly, we can help you find the solution to your charging point questions. 

What Type Of Charging Point Do I Need? 

You first need to define what you need your charging point for. Are you using it for commercial/industrial purposes (for example, installing it at work for people to charge their cars), or are you using it for home charging?

How Much Will A Charging Point Cost?

For home charging, you will want a single phase charger. Single phase chargers usually come as 3.7kW, 7.4kWh or 11kWh chargers. We would recommend something like:

Easee One – £679.00+

Wallbox Pulsar Max – £709.00+

MyEnergi Zappi – £799.00+

For commercial charging, you will most likely need a three phase charger. These tend to be much more powerful and offer rapid charging options. To install a three phase charger, you will need a suitable three phase energy supply to power it. We would recommend: 

Wallbox Copper SB 11 kW or 22kW Three-Phase – £859.00+

Easee Charge 22kW Three Phase Charger – £895.00+

EVBox BusinessLine Three Phase Charger – £2,395+

At the higher end of the spectrum are DC rapid charging points. These are often much bigger than other charging points and can charge EVs much quicker than standard three-phase chargers. If you are looking for a Rapid Charger, we’d recommend:

EVbox Toniq 50 EV DC Fast Charge Point – £26,995. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Charging Point? 

For home installations, the average cost in the UK is around £400. This will increase depending on the complexity of the work needed to safely install your charger.

We do not offer installation here at Smartly; we think it should be your choice who installs your charging point so you can pick a company and price point that suits your needs. However, we have a Trustpilot partnership that could help you find a reliable installer. 

UK EV Charging Point Installation Grants And Funding

The UK Government offers some grants towards EV installation for both home and workplace installations. 

The UK’s OZEV grant ended in March 2022 for single unit homeowners; however, apartment owners and those who rent their accommodation are still eligible from 1st April 2022 with a newly named “EV Chargepoint Grant”. 

The “Workplace Charging Scheme” (WCS) is still in place for workplaces wanting to take steps towards sustainability. WCS is a voucher-based scheme that will support the up-front purchase and installation costs for EV charge-points. Businesses, charities and public sector organisations are eligible for this grant. 

You can apply for these grants via the UK Government website

Scottish residents can also apply for £250 funding through the Energy Saving Trust. To qualify for this grant, you must be either:

A rural electric vehicle owner – this grant is for applicants living in rural areas of Scotland.

A used electric vehicle owner – this grant is for applicants who purchase their electric vehicle through the Used Electric Vehicle Loan.