Smartly Powering UK Home With Invisible Solar Roofing

Renewable Energy Consultancy Smartly Energy has seen a surge in developments opting for Nordic-style roofing that saves customers up to 90% on electricity bills.

Ross Miller, Managing Director of Smartly Energy, is the sole nationwide supplier and installer of Roofit products; the stunning Estonian ‘invisible’ standing seam solar roof panels.

“Roofit is popular because it is functional yet stylish at the same time,” Miller said. “Standing seam metal roofs are exploding in popularity just now and many of our customers do not wish to compromise on the look of their roof, while still generating clean renewable electricity.”

He continues: “Plus, Roofit often allows us to fit more kW on a roof. A standard solar panel is approximately 1×2 metres – the size of your internal house door, for context. It can look cumbersome around a rooflight, dormer or chimney. “Roofit panels are half a metre wide and invisible; they look amazing.” As a further incentive, Miller adds: “You usually need to pay 20% VAT on building works for existing houses and extensions. This is not the case with Roofit as it is a complete solar roof with 0% VAT.”

The stunning solar roof was showcased on Grand Designs in November 2023, leading to an influx of Roofit inquiries.

“We are installing across the whole of the UK. Projects this year range from the Highlands in Scotland to the southernmost tip of England including the Channel Islands,” Miller states. Mr Miller sees no signs of slowing down, calling Roofit an ‘innovative and progressive company that’s shaking up the solar world’. “They are a fast growing, sustainable company, and share a lot of our values. The team at Roofit are great to work with and are keen support our growth,” he says.

Smartly Energy is an MCS accredited, HIES Consumer Code and Government Trustmark scheme signee and a UK-wide installer of Roofit products. Contact directly at or 0333 33 55 965.