The Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage

If you’re considering investing in a Solar Battery, you might be wondering what the main benefits of solar battery storage are and if it’s worthwhile to invest in one. 

In this blog, we’ll go over the top five benefits of solar battery storage so you can make an informed decision on whether a solar battery is the right option for you and your solar set-up. 

#1 Energy Independence 

One of the most important benefits of solar battery storage is increased energy independence. You can generate your energy to power your home, which gives you increased independence from companies and organisations that generate electricity. This reduces your risks of scams and energy failures, as you can keep your home going via the energy you have stored in your solar battery. 

If you have an EV, this can also be a fantastic way to charge your vehicle using a home charging set-up without relying on expensive public chargers.

#2 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

The main reason a lot of people choose to get solar panels or tiles in the first place is environmental. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint at home, adding a solar battery can help you achieve this. A solar battery stores extra energy generated from your solar panels, which means you’ll be able to use this energy to power your home without relying on the grid or gas electricity.

#3 Reduce Your Cost Of Living 

The cost of living in the UK has risen substantially over the last two years, and one of the main culprits of this is energy bills. Having a solar battery to power your home when the sun isn’t out will help you to become less reliant on expensive grid electricity. It will ensure you don’t get huge surprise bills and have a reliable source of ‘free’ energy.

#4 Sell Energy Back To The Grid 

Did you know that you can make money with your solar battery? If you need to use some of the stored solar energy, you can arrange to sell it back to the grid with an energy supplier. This can be a great way to earn extra income and it’s a great way to encourage sustainability within mainstream energy services. 

#5 Lessen Your Noise Pollution 

Though this one sounds strange, it’s a huge benefit of using solar energy instead of a boiler. While many gas and electric boilers are very noisy – particularly in smaller properties – solar panels generate noiseless energy. This, for some, can go a long way to improving quality of life with fewer restless nights.

Invest In Solar Battery Storage With Smartly 

If you’re interested in getting a solar set-up for your home or business, Smartly has all of the technology you need to get started. 

We have a fantastic selection of solar panels and batteries and can help you with everything from purchasing to installation. 

With skyrocketing electricity prices, there has never been a better time to invest in solar power for your economic future and freedom from the grid. Go solar today, and don’t waste another penny! 

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable advisors to find out more. We’re happy to answer any questions about our solar battery storage and what works best for your set-up.

Solar Battery Storage FAQ

Where Is A Solar Battery Stored?

Finding a place to store your solar battery is like installing a boiler. Most people keep it out of the way in a garage, cupboard or loft space.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost?

The cost of a solar battery ranges from around £1,000 to £6,000 depending on the brand, the size and the number of solar panels you have. For example, if you’re a small household with a few panels, you will probably be able to buy a smaller, less expensive battery. If you’re a large building owner with many panels, you may need to buy a bigger battery to get your money’s worth. 

Should I Get An AC or DC Coupled Battery?

AC-Coupled batteries are easy to install and often come fitted alongside solar panels if you opt for a full package. 

DC-Coupled batteries are more difficult and expensive to install as they require an inverter, but they come with the added benefit of being more energy efficient. 

Which one you choose comes down to your needs and budget, but both offer effective energy storage methods.