We Got Featured in The Guardian!

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, companies that champion sustainability are beacons of hope for a greener future. Smartly Energy, a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector, has made a mark with its cutting-edge solar technologies. The team has brought new premium solar products to the UK market, with exclusive partnerships from European manufacturers, including Roofit Solar’s standing seam steel panels and Megasol’s solar tiles. 

Ross Miller, Managing Director of Smartly Energy, said: “Solar is the future – we believe that every rooftop in the UK should generate electricity. Standard solar panels are brilliant; they have massively reduced in price and combined with skyrocketing electricity prices, are more affordable than ever. Plus, there are some stunning solar products on the market for properties which can’t use standard solar panels, or where aesthetic is as important as electricity generation.”

One of Smartly Energy’s solar products featured heavily in Series 24 of Grand Designs in November, with an eco-friendly house aiming to be the UK’s first certified ‘Passivhaus Premium’ – a house which produces far more energy than it needs – taking centre stage. 

The homeowners utilised Roofit Solar’s integrated standing seam steel solar roof panels to create a weatherproof roofing solution that generates sustainable, 100% green energy while creating a sleek and stunning appearance. 

This innovative approach to ‘invisible solar panels’ not only enhances the stylish visual aesthetics of the home but also contributes to the house’s reduced running costs. Solar roofs, combined with a battery storage system, allow the homeowner to use green energy 24 hours a day. As the exclusive UK supplier and installer of Roofit Solar roofs and Megasol solar tiles, Smartly Energy provides discreet solar options for residential and commercial buildings. The company takes pride in offering a vast array of premium solar products from trusted European brands to UK consumers looking to take the next step toward a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The company’s influence extends beyond the contemporary, offering sustainable energy solutions that seamlessly integrate with traditional or graded heritage structures, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to preserving architectural integrity while encouraging sustainability. 

Additionally, participation in the HIES Consumer Code and Government Trustmark schemes solidifies Smartly Energy’s position at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, and allows it to provide insurance-backed guarantees on all installations. 

Step into a greener future with Smartly Energy and discover the power of solar and the stunning solar panel alternatives that are new to the UK market.