What Is A Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a sheltered structure (usually a standalone structure) that has two uses:

· To shelter cars from the elements

· Generate electricity via solar power

Oftentimes solar carports will be built to house electric car charging ports, using the solar panels on their roof to power the chargers and fuel electric vehicles.

Almost any car shelter can be fitted with solar panels (or solar tiles) to transform it into a solar carport. 

On larger scales, entire parking lots with a roofed top can be converted to become solar carports. This allows the business that owns the carport to generate clean energy and offset a portion of their energy bill by using a renewable energy source on site.

How Does Solar Carport Work?

A solar carport works via the installation and use of solar cells that use photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic cells are able to convert light into DC electricity, which is converted on-site to AC electricity for use in building circuits or to charge electric cars.

A large solar carport will often work in a similar way to solar farms and may be able to cover a business’s full energy consumption needs if they are big enough. If this is the case, the extra electricity that is generated can be sold on-site (if you have electric car chargers for customers) or sold to the national grid.

A huge benefit of solar carports is the ability to offer free charging to employees for their electric cars as a part of your employee benefits package.

How Much Does A Solar Carport Cost?

The cost of a solar carport will largely depend upon the size of carport you are planning to build and the type of solar technology you’ll use.

For instance, solar panels connected in series without solar optimisers will be cheaper to set up than solar panels operating with solar panel optimising technology.

Even the brand of solar panel you decide to buy will impact how much it will cost.

It is often best to contact solar power experts like Smartly to assess your individual needs and provide you with a detailed quote and breakdown of how much a carport will cost.

There are also plenty of financing options that Smartly offers to assist with the initial setup cost.

Can I Have A Domestic Solar Carport?

Yes. Smaller solar carports are becoming more common as a great way to generate solar power for electric cars. If you have the space on your property, then a small solar carport is a great idea.

How Can I Find Out More About Solar Carports?

Smartly are more than happy to provide more detailed information about solar carports if they are something that you are considering.

Our experts will help you make an informed decision about if a carport is the right solution for your business or home. Be sure to check out our blog section for more information on everything from solar power to electric vehicles.

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