Kingston upon thames case study

Read our case study on the roof replacement carried out on a Kingston Upon Thames home with Megasol Creek Grey Slate solar tiles.

Smartly was asked to be part of a full roof replacement project for a domestic home located in Kingston Upon Thames. 

The current roof was no longer fit for purpose, and the owners decided to take the opportunity to completely renovate their roof. With sustainability in mind, the homeowners decided to explore sustainable roofing solutions and options rather than conventional roofing options as a means to fix the roof.

The comprehensive remodel of their roof not only enhances the home’s sustainability but also positions it for long-term cost savings against rising energy costs. A very important consideration to make in the current climate.

This case study serves as an inspiring model for future projects aimed at creating greener, more efficient homes or commercial buildings. See how we can help with your own project by getting in touch with us.

The Challenges Of A Full Roof Replacement

The challenges included making sure that the integrity of the building would remain intact while taking the required steps to ensure a durable and sustainable solution. Recognising the increasing importance of sustainability and the rising demand for renewable energy sources, the integration of solar tiles was a key component of the overall roofing solution while aiming to significantly cut utility bills. 

Our Solution To A Sustainable Home

Based on the requirements from the homeowners and size of the home, the decision was made to go ahead with the integration of 15.9kW of Megasol Creek Grey Slate solar tiles.

Solar tiles, rather than solar panels, would allow for a seamless integration of solar technology, ensuring that the roof would look no different from a traditional roof but with all the benefits offered by the latest solar technology. The solar tiles lie flush with the rest of the roof. Through detailed finishing with a new ridge, soffits and fascias, the new roof offers the best of both worlds. The detailed finishing of the new roof with a new ridge, soffits, and fascias offers the best of both worlds. The home still fits in perfectly with surrounding properties but is now far more sustainable.

The Megasol solar tiles were coupled with a SolaX Inverter and 17.4kWh Battery system to create a powerful and effective solar energy system. This ensures that the solar tiles not only generate electricity but also have a system to store excess energy to use later when needed.

All in all, this leads to greater savings later down the line.

The Result Of This Project

The results speak for themselves, as is evident from the drone footage below.

With the integration of Megasol Energy Solar Tiles, the property can now harness renewable energy without compromising the aesthetic of the home. All in all, the roof replacement wasn’t just about functionality. The integration of all elements elevates the property’s visual appeal and enhances its overall value.

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