HIES functions as a consumer protection company that focuses on the implementation of renewable energy systems and products aimed at enhancing home energy efficiency.

Through prioritising consumer well-being, safeguarding their interests, and imparting knowledge, their objective is to bring about a comprehensive shift in consumer protection standards within the realm of home energy.

As a company specialising in renewable energy systems, Smartly Energy is committed to ensuring consumers know exactly what they’re getting and how to know it’s of the highest standards.

What Is Consumer Protection?

The HIES scheme is a customer protection scheme. Its primary aim is to ensure fair and ethical interactions between consumers and businesses, promoting transparency, honesty, and accountability in the marketplace.

Consumer protection refers to the set of regulations, policies, and practices designed to safeguard the rights and interests of individuals who engage in commercial transactions as consumers.

It also encompasses various aspects such as product safety, accurate labelling, truthful advertising, fair pricing, and access to relevant information. It prevents fraudulent and deceptive practices, aiming to create a level playing field where consumers can make informed choices without being subjected to exploitation or harm.

Through mechanisms like warranties, guarantees, and return policies, consumer protection bolsters consumer confidence by offering avenues for recourse in case of faulty products or unsatisfactory services.

What Is The HIES Scheme?

HIES has been put in place to ensure consumers get high-quality goods and great service when they choose to have a renewable energy system installed.

When you become a HIES member, you are offered extra layers of protection to ensure your purchase goes smoothly. There are a few key parts of the scheme that help give consumers assurance, including:


All HIES members must have successfully passed the accreditation process for the products they sell and are also monitored continuously to ensure that they remain up to standards. This helps consumers to know that the system they’re buying has been vetted and checked to ensure its quality and reliability.


Once an installation is successfully registered with HIES, up to 25% of the contact value (max limit of £5000) is covered for 120 days.


An IBG provides protection if your installer stops trading and can’t honour their written terms.


If you’re having issues with your provider, HIES’s expert mediators are on hand to help. You can ask them to tackle your issue for you, helping to impartially resolve your dispute.


If you have a complaint that can’t be resolved, you will receive free access to an ombudsman for assistance.

Overall, the HIES scheme aims to ensure that when you choose to do business with an accredited member, you are protected and insured when making large investments like purchasing new renewable energy systems. They ensure that your purchase, installation and aftercare are stress-free and seamless.

Renewable Energy Consumer Scheme

Under the scheme, HIES can protect you on the purchase of a number of popular renewables, including:

When you choose to shop with a HIES-approved supplier like Smartly, you can rest assured that your system will be up to standard and come as guaranteed. HIES constantly monitors the development and operation of products, ensuring approved suppliers remain up to scratch.

How Do I Get Protection With HIES?

To be protected by the renewable energy consumer scheme, your chosen installer needs to be a part of the scheme at the time you establish a contractual agreement with them for the task. Ensure that:

  • Your contract is directly with the scheme member.

  • The installation is being conducted on a residential property.

  • The installation’s location is in England, Scotland, Wales, or the Isle of Wight.

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to register with HIES and receive protection on your purchase.

Shop With A HIES-Approved Company

Smartly is proud to have acquired our HIES-approved accreditation. This means that when you work with us, you can receive all of the protection detailed above when you choose to shop for your renewable energy systems.

We are checked annually to ensure that we continue to adhere to the HIES scheme rules & code of practice, ensuring fantastic customer services, top-standard products and a genuine commitment to quality.

Want to find out more? Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to assist you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our dedication to helping our customers find the perfect, HIES-approved renewable energy systems for their needs.