SOLAR Panels FOR Car Parks

As the world continues to move towards a sustainable future, using solar panels for commercial applications is becoming increasingly popular. Installing solar panels in car parks provides several benefits, including reducing energy costs, shade for vehicles, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular with commercial businesses as they help building-owners to reduce costs in numerous ways. If you are looking for an investment in sustainable energy that helps your car park thrive, solar panels are the ideal option. Some of the financial and environmental benefits that solar panels can offer car park owners include:


Solar panels give you a source of energy that is not grid-dependent. As energy prices continue to rise, solar panels can offer you a way to cut costs substantially. 


Solar panels help you to become more sustainable. In an eco-conscious climate, this can help you appeal to more customers who may pay to use your car park. In particular, you could use them to power EV charging stations to help others take a step toward carbon neutrality. It can also entitle you to business grants and opportunities from the government.


Solar panels are known for having an exceptional return on investment. Not only do they offer you enough energy to power your car park, but you may also be able to sell excess energy back to the grid – creating a new source of income.


How Many Solar Panels Do Car Parks Need?

There are several factors that will affect the type and amount of solar panels you will need for your car park. Some of these include:

  • The energy demands for your car park 
  • What type of roofing you have, and the shape of your roof 
  • The amount of space available 
  • Your designated budget
  • The amount of light available 

When you work with Smartly, we will consider all of the above factors as we work on your solar panelling. 

We can offer you an expert opinion on how many solar panels you will need to meet your energy needs and what type of installation may work best for you to avoid limiters such as solar shading and optimise your solar intake. 

Our solar experts will also be happy to offer guidance for inverters, batteries, optimisers and other accessories that can help you maximise your solar efficiency.

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