SOLAR FOR Leisure Centres

At Smartly Energy, we offer an outstanding range of commercial solar panel options, including high-quality solar panels for leisure and sporting facilities. 


Solar panels for leisure centres can help to offset large power demands from things such as gym equipment, heated pools, lighting and more.

Solar power produces a steady, limitless supply of energy – offering a sustainable solution to high energy demands and cutting down costs substantially.

Whether you’re looking for a way to get off the grid, cut your costs, or become more energy-efficient, Smartly Energy can help you set up your solar system with a wide variety of solar panels available for leisure centres.

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The Financial Benefits Of Solar Panels For Leisure Centres

Solar panels can offer a range of financial benefits to help you cut electricity costs and improve your sustainability efforts. Some of the benefits of getting solar panels for leisure centres include:


You get an independent energy source, meaning you no longer have to rely on fluctuating grid energy prices, offering better financial stability over time.


In an increasingly energy-conscious society, it is good for a business’s reputation to be certified as carbon neutral or to be able to demonstrate environmental consciousness. This can attract new customers and investors to your leisure centre.


The ROI on solar panels is high and depending on where your centre is located, you may also be able to sell excess energy back to the grid, generating a new form of revenue.

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How Many Solar Panels Do Leisure Centres Need?

The number of solar panels you need for your leisure centre will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The type of roofing you have 
  • The amount of space available for panels 
  • The energy demands of your leisure centre 
  • Your budget for a solar system 
  • The amount of light available 

You may want to start small with a few panels, or you might be interested in getting a full solar set-up to try and reduce your grid energy costs. Alternatively, you may consider solar tiling an effective yet aesthetic option. 

When you work with Smartly Energy, we can give you an accurate calculation of how many solar panels you might need, what type of panels you will need, and the best solutions for mounting to avoid things such as solar shading

We will also offer guidance for inverters, batteries, optimisers and other accessories to help you maximise your solar efficiency.

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Buy High-Quality Solar Panels With Smartly Energy

Smartly Energy offers a fantastic range of high-quality solar panels for commercial businesses such as leisure and sporting facilities.

Whether a small centre or a mega-structure, our Smartly Energy solar experts will be happy to discuss your panelling options and offer free, impartial advice on what may work best for your leisure business.

When investing in your leisure centre’s sustainable future, don’t settle for anything less than the best.