Sleek, efficient, and reliable, Smartly Energy provides a range of high-end industrial and commercial solar panels for businesses in the UK.

No matter if you are a small, independent café or a huge manufacturing plant, Smartly Energy has panels to fit all kinds of structures and the team to handle even the largest of jobs.

Smartly Energy stocks everything you’d need for commercial or industrial solar solutions in one place and stock top solar panel brands such as Megasol, Jinko, and JA Solar.

Commercial Solar Panels Cost

Smartly Energy provides a wide variety of panels for commercial and industrial properties, and the size of your property, energy demand, and roof real estate you have will determine what solution will work best for your business.

Our most common solar energy solution for businesses is the traditional style of solar panel that is fitted on top of the roofing materials. These panels generate around 220Wp/m2.

When considering cost you’ll need to take in account:
● The cost of the solar panels
● The cost of installing the panels
● The cost of the storage battery for the energy the panels generate

The cost of commercial solar panels, depending on the brand, which is around £1725 per kW. The larger the installation the lower the cost per kW, installations can reduce to as low as £1000 per kW. The total cost of the project will vary on a case-by-case basis which is why it is always best to have a professional, such as a Smartly Energy expert, assess your property and needs.

Smartly Energy’s team can work with businesses to find a tailored solution to your situation and needs. Get in touch today.

cOMMERCIAL Solar Panel Installation

The installation process for industrial solar panels or solar tiles will depend upon the scale of the job at hand, the kind of roof your property has, and where your business is located.

At Smartly Energy, our team of industrial solar panel specialists can handle the whole installation process for you from the initial delivery of the panels to a fully functioning solar panel setup.

Everything from the logistics of installing the panels to finding the optimal positioning is all handled by our experts.

Smartly Energy provides a comprehensive end-to-end service for commercial and industrial solar power solutions.

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Does Your HQ Need Solar?

We analyse your current electricity usage and tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Our proposal will provide detail on the generation, potential electricity cost savings and payback period.

Our expert team will guide you through the process and take care of the entire process including grid applications.

Bespoke Solar Solutions

Smartly Energy is no ordinary commercial solar installer – we are a Renewable Energy Consultancy and we create custom solutions for our clients.

We think outside the box. We can align with your vision and create a solar solution truly unique! 

Apartment Buildings

Do you own or live in an apartment block? Utilise the roof space and generate electricity, reducing your bills and emissions.


Offset your electricity consumption by making use of your large buildings. The roofs of agricultural buildings are ready made for solar. 

Solar Farms

Speak to us today about solar farm and large ground mounted installations.


With skyrocketing electricity prices, there has never been a better time to invest in solar power.

Projects can vary massively, as price is dependent on panel type and total kW installed.

As a rough estimate, standard solar panels cost on average £1750 per kW. With economies of scale, larger commercial installs can reduce to between £1000-£1250 per kW. Solar tiles cost on average £2500 per kW.

A number of commercial electricity rates are expiring between now and 2024. So it is an ideal time to make the investment.

Please note these prices do not include battery storage. Supply and installation of a typical 10kWh battery is approximately £5-7000.

Reach out to us today and we can model your commercial building and provide a detailed custom proposal.

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