Solar tiles and solar slates are the perfect way to invest in a solar solution for your home.

Smartly Energy is the only UK supplier and installer of jaw-dropping solar tiles from Swiss Solar giant Megasol.

Our Solar Tiles & Solar Slates

Solar tiles, sometimes also referred to as solar slates or solar roof slates, are the ideal choice for those who want a roof and solar power option rolled into one because they are roof tiles that are solar panels. They offer an elegant solution to the bulkier traditional solar panels that are installed on an existing roof.

Because solar powered tiles and slates with solar technology differ from solar panels in that they also act as roofing materials, we’ll be replacing your current roofing tiles with solar powered versions when you choose our solar tiles.

There’s an abundance of options to choose from, such as

⚡️ Solar roof tiles with a traditional slate look. This option has a matte grey finish and it’s hard to tell that it is a solar panel. 

⚡️ You can also choose the more modern looking Black or Terracotta options. Elegant and sleek design, for an eye catching look.

Find the ideal tile for your roof!



Integrated Solar Roof Tiles - Traditional Slate Style in Grey - 175Wp/m²



Integrated Solar Roof Tiles - Modern Black - 175Wp/m²



Integrated Solar Roof Tiles - Modern or Traditional - 150Wp/m²


Standard Solar Panels

High performance Solar Panels, mounted on existing roof structures or integrated "in-roof". Multiple brands available - >220Wp/m²

The Setup Of Solar Panel Roof Tiles

At Smartly Energy, we are with you every step of the way from the initial enquiry to the final installation and commissioning. Our team of experts will design, supply and install your new roof and make sure everything is working the way it is meant to. We handle the connection to the grid, provide all relevant certification and provide an insurance backed guarantee. 

No matter the scale of the job at hand, our specialists are able to provide expert guidance – designing and installing all types of solar roof. This is all part of our exceptional service to our customers.

Why Choose Smartly For Solar energy tiles?

Smartly Energy is all about renewable energy and champions everything from solar technology to electric vehicle equipment.

Smartly Energy ensures the quality of our products by verifying their supply chain and by only sourcing from top brands, such as Megasol. We only stock the very best for our customers.

In addition, our business is kept as environmentally friendly as possible through partnerships with organisations such as One Tree Planted. Smartly Energy is proudly a carbon-neutral company, and you can read more about everything we do to remain sustainable here

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance in regard to our solar power options, whether this is solar power tiles, solar panels, solar battery storage or integrated solar roofs. Our customer care team is more than happy to help with your queries.

If you need assistance right away, then feel free to use the ‘chat’ function at the bottom right corner of the page.

Award Winning Market Leaders

Megasol is the industry leader in European Solar design and manufacture. A multi-award winner in design, architecture and technology.

Megasol has ISO9001 accreditation and all their products are extensively tested to the highest European standards (IEC/EN 61215, 6170, 61701, 62716). Megasol also offers an extended 10 year product warranty and guarantees performance for 25 years.


Car Ports

Smartly Energy and Megasol can help with projects that are not your usual roof structure. Car Ports are a popular choice. Store the electricity produced and charge your car(s) directly from the car port structure.



No project is too big. Here is Schaffhausen Football Stadium in Switzerland. An epic solar stadium roof with 8707m² of Megasol solar tiles, producing an output of 1.2MWp.


Unique Designs

We can provide guidance on projects. Here is the highest PV system in Europe, 3821m above sea level in Zermatt, Switzerland - producing an output of 77kWp. Megasol solar tiles can operate in the harshest of environments!

more about solar tiles

⚡️ You do not need to compromise the look of your home, office or commercial building to be greener and more sustainable.

⚡️ Some people do not like the look of standard solar panels, but still wish to generate their own power and/or offset their carbon footprint. Solar Tiles are the perfect solution, while making your roof look great.

⚡️ Solar tiles can also provide a great solution in conservation areas or on listed buildings where standard solar panels cannot be installed (subject to planning permission).


With skyrocketing electricity prices, there has never been a better time to invest in solar power.

Solar tiles cost slightly more than standard solar panels. However, when you consider that they are the roof material and solar panel combined, you do not have to purchase a new roof and additional solar panels.

Projects can vary massively, as price is dependent on panel type and total kW installed. As a rough estimate, Standard Solar Panels cost on average £1750 per kW. Solar Tiles cost on average £2500 per kW.

However it is worth remembering that solar tiles replace the roof materials, so you do not need to purchase and install roof tiles if you go for the solar tiled option.

Plus UK customers pay ZERO VAT on solar panels and tiles between now and 2025. So it is an ideal time to make the investment.

Please note these prices do not include battery storage. Supply and installation of a typical 10kWh battery is approximately £5-7000.

Megasol solar tiles are made to order so delivery will be approximately 20-30 weeks from date of order.

Smartly Energy works with every party involved to align schedules and make sure the project is completed as smoothly as possible. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Megasol solar energy tiles are manufactured for each specific project, and we work with you every step of the way.

Contact us in the first instance with an enquiry and we’ll help with design and costing. Click here to contact us or email If you have roof or structural drawings then it would be great if you could send them to us. We will work with you to fully understand your requirements, and advise on the best tile or panel type for your project.

Yes! We are a fully accredited installation company. With MCS accreditation and HIES registration to give you full peace of mind.

Our installers are fully qualified and highly experienced  tradesmen, with many years’ experience in domestic and commercial installations.

We break down the decision to two aspects – cost and carbon footprint.

With skyrocketing electricity prices, there has never been a better time to invest in solar power. Solar panels, battery storage and EV charging are the perfect combination to use ALL the power you generate instead of buying electricity from the grid!

If you are replacing your roof, or building a new home or commercial premises, solar tiles or integrated solar panels mean you save by not needing separate roof tiles and solar panels.

You also do not need to compromise the look of your home, office or commercial building to be greener and more sustainable. Solar is a great way to to generate your own power and offset your emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

Solar is the perfect solution for a greener, more sustainable future, while making your roof look great.

Of course! Standard Solar panels have fantastic benefits too. Click here to find out more about our Standard Panels.

Or feel free to contact us with an enquiry and we’ll help with design and costing. Click here to contact us or email